Warren Mabona
1 minute read
26 Mar 2014
8:00 am

Kunene eyes poll victory in W Cape

Warren Mabona

Patriotic Alliance (PA) secretary-general Kenny Kunene said yesterday his organisation had cemented its place in many parts of South Africa.

Kenny Kunene. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Kunene said he was confident the PA would achieve a decisive victory in the Western Cape in the May 7 general elections.

He said the new party catered for the interests of all South Africans across the racial lines.

“We are a non-racial party that respects all races and we will be in the Western Cape government after the elections,” Kunene said.

“This will happen either in the form of a coalition or through capturing power in the Western Cape. We are open for a coalition with any party that agrees to our demands and is not only targeting coloured voters.”

Kunene formed the PA with his business associate Gayton Mckenzie in December last year. He said the formation of the PA was inspired by a need to fight gangsterism, which has been blamed for a wave of crimes in the Cape Flats in the Western Cape.

He accused the ANC and the DA of not showing the political will to quell crime and other social ills in the province.

One of the notable structures of the PA in Gauteng is in Klipspruit West in Soweto, an area predominantly occupied by the coloured community.

According to Kunene, the new kid on the block had already contended against the ANC and the DA in the municipal by-election in Ferndale, Western Cape in January.

“We achieved 23% which was good result for a party which had only three weeks to campaign. And a coalition with other parties will afford us an opportunity to direct service delivery to the people. It is unlike parliamentary seats that keep you in the National Assembly to merely talk.”

Kunene, who shot to fame by eating sushi off semi-naked women at the upmarket nightclubs he owned, claims that he has shed that image.