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6 Apr 2017
9:42 pm

Hundreds march against Zuma’s reshuffle in Cape Town


Participants said the march was an opportunity for people to take a stand against corruption.

Photo: ANA

Hundreds of South African citizens gathered outside parliament and participated in a human chain march to the Cape Town Cathedral on Thursday, where the memorial service of the late struggle Icon, Ahmed Kathrada was held.

Kathrada died in a Johannesburg hospital last week after contracting pneumonia following brain surgery.

Advocate Rod Solomons from SA First Forum said the march was organised to pay respect to the late Kathrada and also served as a platform for the citizens to voice their dissatisfaction with President Jacob Zuma’s Cabinet reshuffle last week.

“The human chain is to depict the togetherness of South African people and to show those in authority that we had enough with the way the president is running our country. We are prepared for anything because this might be a long walk as it was with the apartheid regime. It was so powerful and people thought we were wasting our time when we fought against it, but we took it down,” he said.

Photo: ANA.

Photo: ANA.







According to Solomons, one day the African National Congress (ANC) will have to listen to the people and tell the president to stop ruining the country and step down. Placards were held up and people chanted struggle songs in front of the Cathedral before the start of the memorial service.

Another Capetonian, who would remain anonymous, said the march was an opportunity for people to stand against corruption which is not what former late president Nelson Mandela fought for.

“I was born here(Cape Town) and my children were born here, we are fighting for the future of this country. This country can not be handed over to the Guptas by individuals who want to fulfil their own personal interests. Fear is the greatest evil on earth but if we stand together, we can recreate what has been broken down by incompetent leaders.”

Priscilla Atisu from Social Justice Coalition also said the organisation was there to pay respect to Kathrada whom they know would not have allowed the president’s controversial cabinet reshuffle.

“I think being here today will make a huge change because it shows that we the members of South Africa are against the president. It’s the few people who still live in the apartheid regime who are still supporting Zuma. If the president still loves and cares about South Africa, he will take that decision and resign,” she said.

-African News Agency

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