State to reveal new evidence against OR Tambo heist accused

OR Tambo International Airport. Picture: Valentina Nicol

OR Tambo International Airport. Picture: Valentina Nicol

The incident is considered to be one of South Africa’s biggest heists.

The State on Wednesday told the court that they would submit an affidavit from the South African Revenue Services to support their denial of the bail application in the case of one of the men accused of being involved in the heist at the OR Tambo International Airport.

Prince Dube, 43, began his bail application last week, and told the court that he earned R400 000 as a stand exhibitionist. The court heard that R1 million that was linked to the heist by Standard Bank was found under a washing machine at his girlfriend’s residence.

Advocate Oscar Machevele, for Dube, submitted an affidavit to the court in response to the affidavit that was submitted by the investigating officer.

Dube said the investigating officer failed to identify him on the footage of the heist. He also argued that there was no proof provided by the State that he was illegally in South Africa. Dube submitted a driver’s license, an identity book copy as well as a company registration document for his business.

Later, the bail application of Philokhuhle Mtanzi resumed with his defence advocate, Welcome Ndlovu, reading his affidavit to the court. Mtanzi said that he was originally from Pietermaritzburg and resided in Naturena in the south of Johannesburg and had two children who were in a private school.

He said that he had assets valued at R100 000, was self-employed and owned four meter taxis which generated R20 000 per month before Uber entered the industry. Mtanzi admitted to having a previous theft conviction with a five-year suspended sentence.

Mtanzi, 30, faces charges of robbery with aggravating circumstances for his alleged involvement in what’s considered one of South Africa’s biggest heists.

He said that he would plead not guilty and said the State’s case was weak. Mtanzi argued that he was not found with money or ammunition that was used in the alleged heist. He said there was nothing linking him to the crime, and that he never admitted to being involved, as the investigating officer’s affidavit said.

He said that he would be able to raise R5 000 for bail and if need be and he would be able to get additional funds if the court instructed him to.

Mtanzi went on to tell the court that he was not emotionally equipped to be incarcerated.

Prosecutor Jacob Serepo then read an affidavit from investigating officer Colonel Mabina Mahlangu which stated that Mtanzi said that he was briefed about the robbery and contributed R1 000 towards implementing the crime.

Mahlangu said Mtanzi was allegedly found with the names and numbers of the other suspects when he was arrested, and failed to alert the police about what he had heard would be happening.

Ndlovu argued that the State’s affidavit did not state that there was information directly linking Mtanzi to the heist, and only after giving a warning statement it was said that he admitted to being part of the crime.

Ndlovu said that the State did not say that Mtanzi was involved but that he was briefed about the crime and that there was no indication of what the R1 000 was going to be used for.

He submitted to the court that there was no bases for Mtanzi’s arrest as there was no evidence against him.

Ndlovu went on to argue that there were abbreviated names on the alleged list and the numbers had not been confirmed by a service provider.

Mtanzi’s matter was postponed for judgement to Friday.

Court adjourned to Thursday for the State to reveal new evidence against Dube.


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