South Africa 16.3.2017 05:03 pm

39-year-old man sentenced to 15 years for girlfriend’s murder

Photo: Supplied

Photo: Supplied

Sindephi Sheldon Ndleleni was convicted of murdering his girlfriend, Ntshehiseng, Lebetsa in 2015.

Sindephi Sheldon Ndleleni, 39, has been sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment after he was found guilty for killing his girlfriend at Bloemfontein High Court on Thursday.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Sinah Mpakane said during trial, it was discovered that Ndleleni visited his girlfriend Ntshehiseng Lebetsa on October 2015.

It was during the visit that an argument started between them after Ndleleni said that he wanted them to get a new and bigger place to stay. Lebetsa told Ndleleni she wanted to be alone and focus on her three children aged 11, six and three.

“The accused became very angry and took the knife that was on the table and started stabbing the deceased to death. The incident happened just six weeks after the accused was released on parole. His parole was going to finish on May 2020, but after serving only five years, the accused was released on parole,” said Mpakane.

– African News Agency

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