Alex Mitchley
2 minute read
13 Mar 2014
3:42 pm

Do Oscar satire accounts go too far?

Alex Mitchley

The Oscar Pistorius trial has not only grabbed the attention of the world, but also the satirical entities that have taken to social media platforms creating controversial spoof accounts of characters relating to the case.

One of the many images posted to instagram by LEGOPistorius.

Pistorius is currently on trial for the murder of model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp as well as three other weapon related charges.

Since the start of the trial, proceedings have been used by comedians and commentators as the perfect tool for good as well as distasteful satire.

In the latest of the trial’s satirical world, parody accounts have been created on twitter. One for the outspoken and intimidating defence Advocate Barry Roux, several for Pistorius and now even one for the door which the paralympian shot through.

The large array of parody accounts for Pistorius have not had a decent bite from the public and have gone unnoticed, the majority of them not been commenting on the current trial either.

However the Roux parody account has picked up over 1000 twitter followers already and has been tweeting actively during the trial proceedings.


The latest parody account to emerge is the proverbial inanimate door which has now been given life more than a year after Pistorius shot through it killing his girlfriend. The account named ‘The OP Door.’

The accounts bio reads: ‘Am the door of Oscar Pistorius toilets…I put it to you as a face: I got closed by Reeva and got reopened by Oscar Pistorius.

The trial of the infamous blade runner has made South African history, being the first criminal trial broadcasted live. Naturally this along with the fact that it is one of South Africa’s heroes has had the public glued to their television sets, daily newspapers social media.

The Parody accounts are found to be humorous by some while others find it to be in bad taste. What do you think?