Amanda Watson
News Editor
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13 Mar 2014
8:00 am

Jasmin-Lee accused back in court

Amanda Watson

The man accused of raping, murdering, and then stuffing four-year-old Jasmin-Lee Pretorius's body under his bed while police and the community searched for her, appears in the Brakpan Magistrate's Court today.

FILE PICTURE: A small crowd outside the Brakpan Magistrates court, 7 January 2014, where Sarel Pretorius appered for the second time for the alleged murder of Jasmine Pretorius. Picture: Neil McCartney

The little girl, who was killed in December, was laid to rest in January in a ceremony attended by hundreds of family, friends and bikers.

Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities, Lulu Xingwana, has called for accused Sarel du Toit not to get bail, and in the event of his conviction, to receive the maximum possible sentence which is life imprisonment.

Her parents, Sasha Lee Bam and Morné Pretorius, were in protective custody due to threats received from some people for perceived negligence.

Pretorius left Jasmin-Lee and her six-year-old sister Jessica with his 23-year-old step-brother at home while he allegedly went out with his girlfriend.

At Jasmin’s funeral, her grandfather, Pastor Colin Bam, said: “It was very tragic the way she was taken. She was a loving spirit and I can’t imagine what she must have gone through. As a pastor and a leader, I have to forgive. As a biker, I’m still trying.”

Meanwhile, Jasmin’s mother Sasha Bam mourned the loss of her daughter on a Facebook page dedicated to the memory of the little girl.

Bam also recorded the birth of her new baby, Justin, born on Wednesday last week.

“Baby Justin was born Wednesday night he weighed 3,78kg and was 56cm-long. I wish Jasmin had the chance to meet him, she would have loved every moment with him. Jessica loves him to bits and she also came to me and said she wishes Jasmin was here to see their brother.

“I am hoping the court case on Thursday (today) will go well and I pray Sarel will get what he deserves… We miss you Jasmin,” she wrote on the page.

The administrator of the page, Aljean Fourie, said in a message to The Citizen: “My relation to Jasmin is not family, but someone who feels the pain of the mother.

“I opened this page because I want to raise awareness of what is going on and the government is not doing a thing to the crime statistics.

“Mothers are tired of losing children by the hands of monsters and the government does not protect South African citizens against crimes of any sort.

“I am furious that the case is dragging on, even though Du Toit admitted to her murder.”