South Africa 15.2.2017 12:55 pm

Foreign nationals arrested for Modderbult farm murders

The suspects were found in possession of two laptops that belonged to the victims.

Four foreign nations – two Nigerians and two Mozambicans – were arrested on Wednesday in connection with the murder of a man, his wife and both his parents at a farmhouse in Modderbult.

The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks) on Wednesday said together with the police crime intelligence unit, members of the K9 unit, SANEB, Visible Policing members and the Local Criminal Record Centre officers they responded to a farm attack reported in the area.

Hawks spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Netshiundaon said: “When the members arrived, they found four bodies lying dead with bullet wounds.”

Netshiundaon added: “Two Nigerians aged 20 and 30 were arrested at a nearby town for being in possession of two laptops which belonged to the victims.”

While continuing with the investigations, the officers spotted a vehicle that belonged to one of the deceased. Two men were spotted getting into the vehicle. Police then moved to make an arrest, and a shootout ensued, said the Hawks spokesperson.

“The suspects were overpowered, and it was later established that both suspects aged 26 and 36 were Mozambican nationals. One of them sustained injuries during the exchange of fire and is currently in hospital,” said Netshiundaon.

The Hawks spokesperson said the Nigerians would appear before the Balfour Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, where they will face charges of possessing stolen properties.

The Mozambicans will be in the dock on Thursday. They will face four counts of murder, illegal possession of firearm and possession of a stolen vehicle.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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