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9 Feb 2017
3:07 pm

Bail application continues in case against Marikana murder accused


Captain Jack Sepeng was testifying in the continuing bail application of the accused, and the state is opposing bail.

One of the accused is Marikana activist Napoleon Webster. Picture: Nigel Branken/Facebook

The bail application of Napoleon Webster and five others continued in the Rustenburg Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

The state alleges that Webster, William Nyenyane, Aubrey Seitsang, Sibonile Sobopha, Mdlondozi Fundiwo and Herbert Baqhesi hacked Sabata Petros Chale to death in Marikana West in December last year over the allocation of RDP houses.

Defence lawyer Leofi Leshabana objected to witnesses, who were under oath during cross examination, discussing the case.

He told the court that state witness Captain Jack Sepeng had been in the prosecutor’s office with other witnesses.

“Did you consult with the prosecutor on this case this morning [Thursday]?” Leshabana asked.

“I was in the office but did not hear what was being discussed,” said Captain Sepeng.

He said the prosecutor had been speaking to an Indian man, who he earlier said he did not know.

Pushed by Leshabana, Sepeng conceded that the Indian man was Colonel Govender, the station commander of Marikana Police Station.

Sepeng was testifying in the continuing bail application of the accused. The state is opposing bail.