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8 Feb 2017
11:17 am

Carletonville car crash leaves four dead, two injured


Two other people sustained moderate injuries, and they were treated and transported to Leratong Hospital.

Four people died and two others were injured Wednesday morning after a car crashed into another along the R501, near the Deelkraal and Welverdiend Road intersection, in Carletonville.

Paramedics found three men lying outside their vehicles. They had sustained numerous injuries and showed no signs of life, said ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring, adding that the trio were declared dead on the scene.

Meiring said nearby a woman was found lying on the ground outside her vehicle. She was in a critical condition.

He said paramedics treated the woman and provided her with numerous advanced life support interventions. Once treated, she was transported to a nearby hospital.

“Unfortunately, upon arrival at hospital the woman succumbed to her injuries and was declared dead,” said Meiring.

Two other people – a man and a woman – sustained moderate injuries. They were treated and transported to Leratong Hospital.

Police are investigating the cause of the fatal crash.