‘Wonder cure’ salesman arrested

FILE PICTURE: A South African Police Vehicle. Picture: Neil McCartney

FILE PICTURE: A South African Police Vehicle. Picture: Neil McCartney

Police have arrested a man who allegedly sold a large number of hugely expensive wonder cure ozone therapeutic machines without delivering them on time, or not at all.

The arrest followed after a trap was set last week when the man was asked to do a demonstration in town.

Zagrys Pieterse has appeared briefly in court in eMalehleni on Friday and was denied bail.

His arrest followed after he apparently sold at least 45 of the machines in the local area alone, which is supposed to cure a large number of ailments. Many of the equipment macfhines, which were sold countrywide, were allegedly not delivered “until he was threatened with the police”.

Pieterse’s name jumps up several times on the complaints website Helopeter and the Ozone Association of South Africa has distanced it from Pieterse and his products by saying on their website: “The Ozone Association, does not endorse the business practice and business ethics of Mr Z. Pieterse and we are not, in any way, in business or associated with said individual”.

Some people have allegedly paid more than R100 000 over to him for the equipment and franchise rights. Ina Oosthuizen, who paid R91 000 five months ago, have received nothing but apologies, she claims. A number of those who invested money in the equipment, claim Pierterse always put pressure on them to pay cash but never delivered the machines.

During an interview only hours before his arrest, Pieterse admitted to the community newspaper Middelburg Observer that he reached “not hundreds but thousand of people” through local radio stations. He allegedly also sold machines to staff of the local station Radio Kragbron.

Pieterse, who operates from Pretoria under the name of Natural Oxygen Supplies, boasts that the machines are imported from Germany.

– CNS.

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