South Africa 9.1.2017 04:11 pm

Fleeing housebreaking suspect drowns in Zoo Lake

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

Two suspects escaped from police custody and one tried to escape by swimming. But he didn’t swim well enough.

A man who fled from the Parkview police station, where he was being held on suspicion of housebreaking, drowned when he attempted to swim across Zoo Lake in Johannesburg on Monday.

Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele said two suspects were arrested for “housebreaking and theft” in Parkview on Monday.

“Security guards handed in two suspects at the Parkview police station, but they both escaped from police custody. One was re-arrested, while the other threw himself into the lake,” said Makhubele

Makhubele said police ordered the suspect to come out of the water, but he refused and instead attempted to swim away before he ran into trouble and drowned.

“A case of escaping from lawful custody has been opened and has been referred to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate for further investigations.”

– African News Agency

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