CCTV in CPT captures robbery in progress, two arrested

STOCK IMAGE: CCTV. Image courtesy: stock.xchng

STOCK IMAGE: CCTV. Image courtesy: stock.xchng

The pair will appear in court where they will face charges of armed robbery and possession of an unlicensed firearm.

Two robbers, who were recorded on CCTV while attacking and robbing a couple stranded on the N2 freeway, have been traced and arrested by Metro police officers.

In a statement on Friday, Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security Alderman Smith, said: “Operators in the City of Cape Town’s Transport Management Centre were keeping an eye on the freeway management system’s cameras in Goodwood when they saw a couple being robbed on the N2 in the direction of Cape Town on Wednesday, January 4.”

Smith said the couple’s bakkie had a mechanical breakdown, leaving them stranded on the freeway. They were approached by two men who robbed them of their valuables, including the woman’s handbag and cellphone, cash and bank cards.

The man tried to protect the woman and had his arm cut in the process. After the attack, the robbers took their loot and crossed the N2 and ran towards Bonteheuwel.

Operators continued to follow them on camera, while at the same time contacting Metro Police and guiding them via radio towards the suspects.

“Constables Kieyam Isaacs and Ethne Lekay from the Camera Response Unit were on patrol and responded. With the camera operators guiding them, they tracked the two suspects to a house in Bonteheuwel, where they were hiding,” Smith said.

Additional Metro Police officers arrived and the suspects were arrested with the stolen items in their possession. A criminal case was opened at the Manenberg Police Station.

The pair will appear in court soon where they will face charges of armed robbery, possession of an unlicensed (imitation) firearm or dangerous weapon, and assault.

Commending all role players in the arrests, Smith said: “Good teamwork resulted in the arrests – the Metro Police Department’s Radio Communication Centre played a vital role in dispatching and directing the constables to the suspects”.

Smith added: “Metro Police officers responded swiftly and ensured that the criminals were arrested. They had attempted to evade arrest by changing clothes and hiding the stolen items after they committed the crime, but our officers weren’t fooled.

“We continue to urge motorists to refrain from stopping on the N2 if they can help it and to remain alert at all times,” said Smith.

Safety tips:
* Do not pull over to answer your cell phone
* Be extra vigilant at intersections
* Do not leave handbags or other valuables on the passenger or back seats or in plain sight
* Make sure your vehicle is in good working order and that you always have enough fuel to complete your journey
* It is illegal to stop along freeways unless in an emergency or because of a breakdown
* The N2 is a particular hotspot for crime (stoning of vehicles can lead to hijackings)


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