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5 Jan 2017
7:07 pm

Suspended sentence for woman who shoplifted five blocks of cheese


The women said that she is very ill and that she had been sleeping on the street for a year.

A Cape Town woman got a suspended sentence after being convicted of shoplifting five blocks of cheese worth R427.

Lea Lottering, 30, of Ravensmead, appeared in the Goodwood District Court, before magistrate Sean Lea and pleaded guilty to the theft of four blocks of cheese weighing 900g each, and one weighing 225g, at the Cravenby Estate branch of Shoprite.

The incident happened on January 2.

The magistrate said it was a lot of cheese to steal and asked her why she did it.

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She did not explain why, but lamented that she is very ill and that it was the first time she’d done it and that she had been sleeping on the street for a year.

Asked about her illness, she replied that she had a bad hand from a shooting incident and had to take pills for the pain.

As she stood swaying in the dock, the magistrate weighed up the sentencing options before deciding that a R1,500 fine or two months jail, all suspended for three years, would be appropriate.

But he warned her: “Go home, and let this hang over your head for three years. If you want to steal again, think about it…do you want to go to jail for two months? If your answer is no, then don’t do it. If your answer is yes, then go ahead and see what happens.”

– African News Agency (ANA)

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