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These are St John’s two top guns

HIGH-FLYERS. Quintus Kilbourn, left, and Brandon MacKenzie from St John’s College.

HIGH-FLYERS. Quintus Kilbourn, left, and Brandon MacKenzie from St John’s College.

‘The academic performance of the 2016 group is most noteworthy.’

St John’s College endeavours to educate young men in body, mind and character, and judging by this year’s exceptional 100% matric pass rate, the Johannesburg school has succeeded in doing just that.

Two boys achieved nine distinctions, while 33 achieved eight, seven and six distinctions – in three batches of 11.

School spokesperson Cailin Wandrag said the class of 2016 was astounding.

“The academic performance of the 2016 group is noteworthy, and this is best seen in the achievements of the top four boys whose year averages were separated by a mere 0.8%, with the gap between the top two boys being a mere 0.17%, both enjoying an 89% average across all subjects,” Wandrag said.

“More than 30 boys have the potential to be multiple-distinction candidates.”

Brandon MacKenzie and Quintus Kilbourn both earned nine distinctions.

According to MacKenzie’s results, he achieved: Afrikaans (91%), english (88%), french (95%), geography (89%), life orientation (86%), maths (95%), physical science (94%), tcl practical 7 (86%), and advanced programme maths (83%).

He ranked within the top 5% of pupils in six or more subjects, achieved in the top 1% for Afrikaans and physical science, and had an average score of 91%.

Five years ago, Mackenzie was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition that threatened his life.

And after several operations around the world, he now exemplifies the spirit of perseverance and humility, solidifying himself as one of the top achievers and an all-rounder to boot.

As far as Kilbourn’s results, he scored: Afrikaans (87%), English (91%), french (91%), history (90%), life orientation (89%), maths (98%), physical science (92%), advanced programme english (85%), and advanced programme maths (82%).

He had an average score of 91%, was ranked in the top 5% in five or more subjects and achieved within the top 1% for English and maths.

Among the boys who received eight distinctions were Sango Socikwa, Connor Mercer, Justin Standish and Abraham Schonfeldt.

Socikwa, a 2016 second prefect who is junior mayor in the City of Johannesburg and a participant in several sports, is the joint-dux scholar with Standish.

The other recipients of eight distinctions were Copeland, De Clercq, Fullerton, Kinghorn, McIvor, Shelton and Williamson.

The recipients of seven distinctions include Benn, Boshoff, Burke, Green, Guler, Haffejee, Harvett, Lumley, Osato, Van der Waltand Walker.

The recipients of six distinctions were Bergh, Burger, Cambanis, Crwys-Williams, Glashagen, Harding, Mseleku, Nelson, Smale, Whitehouse and Whitfield.

Five distinctions: Coetzee, Fiser, Hugo, Kapur, Massyn, Slabbert and Smith W. Four distinctions: Cabral, Canca, Clarke, Havemann, Heale, Kamangu, Kritzinger, May, Moola, Pouroullis and Van de Venter.


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