Kayla van Petegem
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26 Dec 2016
4:41 pm

Car hit with rock on N1 highway in Pretoria

Kayla van Petegem

The rock went through the windscreen, hit the dash and then smashed the rear window.

A car was thrown with stones on the N1 highway. Photo: Supplied.

A warning has been issued after a man’s car was hit with a rock on Monday morning in Pretoria, Centurion Rekord reports.

Spokesperson Hannes du Buisson said the car of a Centurion man damaged while he was driving on the N1 with two passengers.

“He was travelling on the N1 South towards John Vorster when a man next to the road climbed over the barrier and threw a rock [about twice the size of man’s hand],” said Du Buisson.

“The rock hit the front wiper, went through the windscreen, hit the dash, the rear reading lights and then smashed the rear window.”

Du Buisson said the rock only bruised the man’s upper arm, and the other two passengers escaped unharmed, but obviously shocked.

A case was opened at Lyttelton Police Station.

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Villieria police spokesperson Captain Coba Brits urged everyone to be aware of “danger areas” when driving.

She said residents should always listen to the radio, especially when travelling to an unfamiliar place.

“Usually announcements will be made if there are any areas that should be avoided due to, for example, protests,” she said.

Brits offered the following safety tips for motorists to stay safe during the festive season:

– Keep all doors and windows locked

–  Always park in a well-lit, safe place

–  Avoid driving between 6pm and 10pm as much as possible

– Do not pick up hitch-hikers

– Drive to the nearest police station if you suspect you are being followed

– Be careful if someone approaches your vehicle and do not open your windows

– Keep a list of emergency numbers in your vehicle

– When you need to stop, be alert at all times

– Ensure your vehicle is always in a good condition

– Make sure your vehicle has enough fuel, and your cellphone is charged.

-Caxton News Service

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