Erica Abrahams
1 minute read
26 Dec 2016
4:02 pm

Security guard shoots burglar in KZN

Erica Abrahams

The burglar had made himself comfortable in the house and seemed as if he was about to make himself breakfast, said a security company spokesperson.

The burglar was shot in his right leg after he reportedly threatened the security officers with a knife.

A burglar was shot by security officers at a Salt Rock home this morning after he barricaded himself into the domestic quarters, refusing to come out, North Coast Courier reports.

The knife the burglar used to threatened the IPSS Security reaction officer.

The owner of the house in Fairway Drive was on holiday in Cape Town when he received a call from his neighbor, informing him that there was a man on his property who claimed to be the gardener.

The owner immediately alerted IPSS Security who sent two reaction officers to the house.

When they arrived, the burglar locked himself in the domestic quarters.

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He reportedly agreed to come out on condition that the officers move away from the door, but he ran out brandishing a knife at one of the officers while the other fired two warning shots.

Undeterred, he apparently took a swing at the guard and was shot in the leg by the second officer.

According to IPSS Security’s Lina dos Santos, the man was taken to Stanger Hospital under police guard.

“We suspect that he broke into the house yesterday and had made himself comfortable in the domestic worker’s room. We found bottles of alcohol, and he had taken out burger patties from the freezer. It looked like he was going to have himself a hearty breakfast,” he said.

– Caxton News Service

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