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Five of Hlaudi’s most controversial and bizarre 2016 moments

SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng. File picture: Michel Bega

SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng. File picture: Michel Bega

Controversial SABC executive certainly left the public baffled by some bizarre statements he made this year.

Embattled SABC executive Hlaudi Motsoeneng has certainly left South Africans entertained and somewhat confused by some of his utterances this year.

From referring to himself in the third person, to claims that he can turn the country’s economic woes around in six months, below are some of Motsoeneng’s shockingly bizarre moments.

1)Hijacking Mandoza’s funeral

Motsoeneng’s most bizarre moment probably came during Mandoza’s funeral when he hijacked the service and went on a rant about black people being a problem in South Africa.

The troubled group executive then went on to tell mourners how he was able to deliver to employees, even without being a COO.

“I hear people saying Hlaudi is stress free and I’m going to make sure that ordinary employer [sic] delivers because I don’t need to be COO to deliver. I’m going to deliver, it doesn’t matter which position I occupy and I have been delivering.”

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2) Referring to himself in the third person

Another moment which left people confused was when Motsoeneng went on a rant against the media, accusing it of trying to destabilise the SABC.

During his rant, he kept referring to himself in the third person, saying everything that went wrong was attributed to “Hlaudi”.

“The media, especially print, seems to have an agenda against the SABC. Everything that happens here is attributed to one man, Hlaudi … all the time. Meanwhile, there are three other directors in this organisation. What do you want from us? Leave Hlaudi alone.”

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3) Saying he could turn SA’s economy around in six months

Another surely bizarre moment came when Motsoeneng was addressing African National Congress youth league delegates in KwaZulu-Natal.

Motsoeneng told the delegates he could turn the country’s economy around in six months, before boasting about his financial prowess and going on to refer to himself as an “intellectual by birth” despite not having a matric certificate.

“I can turn this country [around] within six months. I can do that.”

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4) Saying a ‘big fat no’ to the possibility of returning to school

Motsoeneng again caused a stir when he said he did not see the necessity of returning to furthering his education. The controversial former COO said going back to school was a “big no” as it did not qualify a person as the best candidate for the job.

“By having a certificate, it doesn’t define you as the best person to go and do a better job … What it does is open doors.”

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5) Calling himself the most powerful person in SA

In the latest bizarre moment, Motsoeneng labelled himself the most powerful person in South Africa.

According to News24, Motsoeneng was addressing ANC youth league members when he said credited himself for empowering black people and being behind some of the biggest decisions made at the SABC.

“All of them used their vote to say that they agree with Hlaudi, today they are turning back to say, ‘Joh, it was Hlaudi who took that decision’. Which means I am the most powerful person in South Africa.”

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