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15 Dec 2016
12:04 pm

Traffic volumes pick up on N3 toll road to KZN


N3 highway authorities urge motorists to be patient.

‏@i_trafficKZN tweeted this image of congestion on the N3 to Durban at Marianhill Toll Plaza on Thursday morning. Picture: Twitter

Authorities on the N3 toll road leading to the KwaZulu-Natal coast have appealed to holidaymakers to adopt more measured driving styles to help curb the accident rate over the busy festive season.

Traffic volumes on the N3 have started picking up ahead of the public holiday on Friday and the December summer holidays, with large numbers of inland residents making their way to the coast.

The N3 toll route is one of South Africa’s major transport corridors, linking inland provinces to KwaZulu-Natal.

Transport engineer at the N3 Toll Concession, Miles Le Roux, said authorities were appealing to road users to make conscious decisions and to adopt a more defensive driving style.

“Human error, whether deliberate or not, remains the top cause of crashes and fatalities on the N3 Toll Route.”

According to Le Roux, human errors included negligent driving behavior such as illegal overtaking, tailgating, weaving across lanes, illegal turns, speeding, driver distraction, and being aggressive and impatient on the road.

“We have documented evidence that human attitude and risky behavior are major causes of crashes on the N3 Toll Route. Between January and October, 61% of all light vehicle crashes and 74% of all heavy vehicle crashes were due to human error.”

Le Roux said another major cause of crashes was vehicle failure which included brake failure, tyre bursts and other mechanical problems.

The N3 Toll Concession has introduced a free service to assist motorist with changing car tyres in trying to eliminate traffic congestion and car crashes.

“The N3 Toll Route may become heavily congested during holiday seasons, especially on peak traffic days,” Le Roux said. “Plan your trip well in advance and stay up to date with road and traffic conditions ahead. Set realistic targets before you travel, keeping in mind that you may be delayed. Rather than becoming impatient and taking risks, try to remain calm, alert, extra cautious and avoid distractions. Your positive mindset can make a difference.”

African News Agency (ANA)