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15 Dec 2016
8:23 am

NFP postpones National Policy Conference


The National Freedom Party (NFP) has postponed its National Policy Conference scheduled for this weekend.

NFP leader Zanele KaMagwaza accompanied by her husband at the party's launch of its party manifesto for the 2014 general election.

In a statement issued late Wednesday the NFP said it “wishes to inform its members, supporters and the general public of the decision to postpone the National Policy Conference scheduled for this weekend”.

NFP Acting National Chairperson Bheki Gumbi said: “On behalf of the National Executive Committee of the NFP, I wish to formally and officially inform our members of the decision to postpone our Policy Conference due to minor glitches encountered during the preparatory phase”.

Gumbi added: “As it was announced few weeks ago that the NFP will hold its Policy Conference from the 16th to the 17th of December 2016, we worked tirelessly, putting plans in place for the successful conference. But due to a limited time, our preparations hit a snag as there were some constitutional matters that we had to conform to”.

In addition the distribution of membership books only started late in October. This resulted in some members not receiving their new membership books.

Gumbi said without new membership books affected members would not be able to attend the conference.

“Ultimately, with the majority of our members not having proper membership cards, they would have been excluded,” said Gumbi.

“We therefore felt it necessary to postpone the conference to allow the process of distributing new membership books to all our members across the country to unfold and be concluded.

“We would not want a situation where some of our members are unable to attend the conference due to one reason or the other.”