Rorisang Kgosana
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15 Dec 2016
6:55 am

Eersterust man living in fear after surviving attempted ‘hit’

Rorisang Kgosana

The suspect allegedly tried to kill Anver James after James witnessed the killing of his nephew in September.

Anver James is seen outside the Pretoria Magistrates Court after attending the bail hearing of his attacker, 14 December 2016, Pretoria. Picture: Jacques Nelles

An Eersterust man is living in hiding after he survived a second attempt on his life when 16 shots were fired at him outside a police station.

The suspect, James Andrews, had allegedly tried to kill Anver James, 39, in November, after James witnessed the killing of his nephew on September 26.

“We were drinking and we got into an argument. Andrews attacked me first by stabbing me, then he stabbed my nephew to death. He was arrested for murder, but released on bail,” James told The Citizen on Wednesday.

Six weeks later and after two operations to his chest and stomach James was discharged from hospital. But nine days later, he got a call from his alleged attacker’s friend, asking to see him.  They were to meet at the Eersterust police station.

“The friend drove past me and made a U-turn. I went to approach their car and about five metres away, I saw another man pull out a gun. Andrews also pulled out a gun. They both started shooting at me,” he said.

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James said about 16 shots were fired, but only one hit him, in the leg. The bullets also missed a woman and a small girl who were nearby.

“I ran into the gate of the police station towards the door. The cops all disappeared and ran for cover. Andrews and his accomplice got out of their car and walked towards me while shooting. Bullets were flying over my head. It was terrifying.”

James feels the incident was an attempted hit as he was willing to testify against Andrews for his nephew’s murder.

Andrews was rearrested for attempted murder and will apply for bail on Thursday, following a postponement on Wednesday at the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court.

“They initially gave him bail on one condition – to stay away from me. He didn’t even show remorse. After getting bail, he still shot me in front of the police station. Where am I safe? If the court grants him bail, then I don’t know. I have seven children to think about.”

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