Virginia Keppler
1 minute read
15 Dec 2016
6:51 am

Department finally pays community health workers

Virginia Keppler

The Gauteng department of health confirmed that the workers were paid on Monday.

Health stock image.

Community healthcare workers (CHW) were finally paid stipends this week, according to the Gauteng department of health.

The workers were complaining they had not been paid for months and that they feared they would not be paid before Christmas.

Department spokesperson Steven Mabona said on Wednesday they were paid on Monday.

“The payment system has been strengthened to ensure that all validation and authorisation at all stages are concluded by the 15th of every month to enable timeous payments.

“The payments were administered by service provider, Smart Purse, which is contracted to the department to manage CHW affairs,” he added.

He said the company was fully labour law-compliant and registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Through ward-based outreach teams, community healthcare workers draw up household profiles, identify treatment defaulters and deliver home and community-based care and support for people on antiretroviral treatment.

“Their mandate also includes conducting directly observed treatment for TB patients and noncommunicable diseases, health education and linking patients to healthcare facilities,” Mabona said.

The department conducted about 11 million HIV/Aids tests between June and September this year, he added.

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