Amanda Watson
News Editor
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15 Dec 2016
6:01 am

Gauteng Hawks head ready to take a lie-detector test

Amanda Watson

Major General Prince Mokotedi has accepted McBride’s challenge to a polygraph after saying 'I'll take McBride up on his offer'.

A picture of the new Ipid logo taken at the organisation's head office in Pretoria on 13 December 2016. Picture: Alaister Russel

Plans to polygraph the Gauteng head of the Directorate of Priority Crime Investigation (aka the Hawks) Major General Prince Mokotedi should be finalised by next week, forensic consult Paul O’Sullivan said yesterday.

This after Mokotedi accepted Independent Police Investigative Directorate head Robert McBride’s challenge on television news channel eNCA on Tuesday.

“I’m not afraid, I will take up Mr McBride on his offer but we should consider that it is the evidence which should be presented in court, so I’ll take him on, on anything else except for the merits of the case itself,” Mokotedi told interviewer Jeremy Maggs.

McBride challenged Mokotedi to a live on-air polygraph on Tuesday about Mokotedi’s claimed sources of information which laid the basis of nine complaints against McBride, O’Sullivan, City of Johannesburg anti-corruption head Shadrack Sibiya and suspended Crime Intelligence officer Captain Candice Coetzee.

The charges against the four are high treason, espionage, conspiracy to commit murder, corruption, intimidation, harassment, defeating the ends of justice, immigration laws and tax evasion.

According to Mokotedi’s statement – widely disseminated among media yesterday – he laid the charges based on information allegedly contained in an intelligence report and a threat assessment on himself and national Hawks head Lieutenant General Mthandazo “Berning” Ntlemeza.

AfriForum’s Kallie Kriel and O’Sullivan – both the subject of an oblique swipe by MP Maapi Molebatsi at Police Minister’s Nathi Nhleko’s recent appearance before the police portfolio committee as a “right wing NGOs and a “foreign citizen” for “targeting the leadership of the SAPS” – have both slammed Mokotedi for his allegations.

“Mokotedi is nothing more than a dishonest criminal, with a badge. He was unlawfully appointed by a corrupt minister of police, who decided to turn a blind eye to the fact that Mokotedi resigned ahead of a disciplinary inquiry, from the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) after it had been shown he had deliberately leaked false information to the media,” O’Sullivan said in a statement on Tuesday.

AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel said in a statement yesterday he and McBride had never met, as accused by Mokotedi.

“It is clear that Mokotedi is telling lies because he is nervous after AfriForum and Paul O’Sullivan, a private investigator, published a report named Joining the Dots: Capture of the Criminal Justice System. Mokotedi is exposed in the report as one of the role players in the illegal capture of the criminal justice system by Zuma supporters. Apparently it seems that desperate cats indeed make desperate leaps,” Kriel said.

O’Sullivan suggested the polygraph should be administered by the Polygraph Institute of South Africa.

“The questions to Mokotedi should be did he lie about the allegations in the affidavit, Does he know that allegations in the affidavit are false and does he know who leaked the affidavit to the media,” O’Sullivan suggested yesterday.

Apparantly forgetting it is the NPA that must make the decision on whether to prosecute, Mokotedi told Maggs “the charge sheet will be later drawn that so and so will be charged for treason and so-and-so for sedition and so-and-so for what is common is that people linked together in certain places and certain times”.

O’Sullivan said Mokotedi’s claim in his affidavit reduced “the whole thing to nothing more than hearsay, if ever there was a source, which I believe is also a lie by Mokotedi. Without a sworn statement from Mokotedi’s fictitious source, the document is not worth the paper it is written on.

“On 15 April 1912, when the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg, the Captain of the ship, Edward Smith, sent the crew out to rearrange the deck chairs,” said O’Sullivan.

“It did not help and, less than two hours later, Smith went down with the ship. Right now, Mokotedi is carrying out Captain Zuma’s orders and rearranging the deck chairs in a desperate attempt at diverting attention away from the criminal conspiracy he has been involved in since his unlawful appointment in February 2016.

“In this case, Mokotedi, Ntlemeza and the rest of the crew will eventually go to prison with their captain. The sad part is that Mokotedi and his accomplices are using public funds for rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship.”

Kriel said yesterday AfriForum’s legal team would study Mokotedi’s affidavit to “consider complaints of perjury and defamation”.