Ngwako Modjadji
2 minute read
15 Dec 2016
6:41 am

Spat between DA, ANC Joburg turns ugly

Ngwako Modjadji

In the latest twist, the ANC has accused City of Joburg Speaker Vasco da Gama of being 'incompetent'.

The DA’s City of Johannesburg speaker Vasco Da Gama. Picture: Gallo Images / Beeld / Felix Dlangamandla

The fallout over the collapse of City of Joburg council meetings has taken another turn.

The ANC is now accusing City of Joburg speaker Vasco da Gama of being “incompetent” and attempting to portray the ANC as hellbent on disrupting meetings.

In the latest broadside, ANC Johannesburg region spokesperson Jolidee Matongo laid into Da Gama on Wednesday, saying he was afraid to rule against EFF councillors for fear of being removed from his post.

“Since the election of the new council, the ANC has done all it could to help the speaker, who does not have a clue how to run the council, to ensure meetings proceed without interruption,” Matongo said.

“We have accepted that we are opposition and indicated we will use our numbers and superior ideas in council to defend the democratic gains and advance socio-economic transformation.”

On Tuesday, Da Gama charged that the ANC was orchestrating the disruption of council meetings for “political reasons”. He added: “It is important that the public is informed of the truth behind what is happening in council meetings and the instrumental role the ANC has played in collapsing these important meetings.

“At a council meeting on October 27, I rightly ruled that ANC chief whip Solly Mogase and former environment and infrastructure services department MMC Tshidi Mfikoe were out of order and instructed them to leave the council chamber.

“They refused to do so, contravening the standing rules of council on numerous occasions. Never before has the office of the speaker been treated with such disrespect.”

But Matongo disagreed, saying: “The EFF told the speaker that councillor Mogase was insulting them when he referred to their relationship with the DA as a marriage. It was precisely because of the insistence of the EFF that the speaker expelled councillor Mogase from the meeting. The speaker did this to please the EFF.”

Matongo said there was nothing in the rules to suggest Mogase should have been expelled and warned council meetings would continue to be disrupted if the speaker did not stop making false accusations about the ANC.

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