‘UAndile Omnyama’ wants to ‘feed slaughtered whites to his dogs’

‘UAndile Omnyama’ wants to ‘feed slaughtered whites to his dogs’

A racist post saying that ‘black people are thirsty for white blood’ has caused a stir on Facebook.

A man apparently going by the name “UAndile Omnyama” has caused fury on Facebook after a screen grab of a post he allegedly wrote saying white people would be “slaughtered into 50 pieces” and that “we will cook them alive and feed them to our dogs” started doing the rounds.

A screen grab of a racist Facebook post allegedly by someone known as UAndile Omnyama.

A screen grab of a racist Facebook post allegedly by someone known as UAndile Omnyama.

He also wrote that “we are Black and f****n thirsty for white blood”.

Late on Tuesday, thousands of Facebook users were looking for Omnyana, but The Citizen could also not find an actual account associated with the name. There was speculation that the account may be fake or that the screen grab is not real.


Searches for Omnyama were very popular, but there’s no longer an account for this person.

If it was real, the account has most likely already been deleted or banned by Facebook after receiving complaints.

However, the Facebook account of the Homeless Talk Street Newspaper said that they had spoken to Omnyama and asked him to stop associating himself with their brand, as he apparently listed the paper as an employer.

Vusi Jiyana, the project coordinator at the paper, which aims to create incomes for the less fortunate, wrote: “Please be informed that Homeless Talk Street Newspaper (HTSN) was notified this morning that UAndile Omnyama is posting racial comments on his wall. We are appalled that he had listed HTSN as an organization he works for which is categorically untrue.

“We distance ourselves from UAndile Omnyama and his racial and divisive comments. We communicated with him, instructing that he removes our brand name from his profile immediately. HTSN is built on the principles of a democratic South Africa which respects all South Africans and seeks to unite all our people.

“We regret being FALSELY implicated in this Facebook post. We view this matter in an extremely serious light and we are soliciting legal advice regarding our next steps.”

There have already been numerous angry reactions to the post, with some saying they hope the person in question can be tracked down and charged in the same manner that real estate agent Penny Sparrow was.

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