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29 Nov 2016
2:06 pm

NEC had no discussion on vote of no confidence – Mantashe

Citizen reporter

'Following robust, honest, candid and at times difficult discussions, the ANC NEC did not support the call for Zuma to step down.'

Picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA

The African National Congress (ANC) is addressing the media in Johannesburg on the outcomes of the extended National Executive Committee (NEC), including on the outcomes of discussions on President Jacob Zuma’s fitness to lead the ruling party.

ANC Secretary-General Mantashe accused the media of creating things that don’t exist. He said the NEC did no vote on voting on Zuma’s recall from office nor did the NEC even mention a vote of no confidence.

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14: 42 Mantashe: No one will be treated in a different way because they raised an issue at the extended NEC.

14: 43 Mantashe: The media creates things that don’t exist.

14: 44 Mantashe: There are no “ministers” in the ANC NEC. Everyone at the meeting is there as a NEC member not a minister.

14: 45 Mantashe: State of Capture report was circulated. It was decided that it was inconclusive & agreed judicial inquiry be set up.

14: 46 Mantashe on State of Capture report: ANC does not feature anywhere in that report, individuals implicated have the right to challenged it.

14: 52 Mantashe: Those making pronouncements on the ANC’s leadership race are messing with ANC process when doing so now.

14: 59 Mantashe: We must deal with our issues openly and never surrender “our forces to the generals of the enemy”.

15: 08  ANC deputy secretary-General Jessie Duarte : The NEC touched briefly on the economy – the report detailed their concerns about the slow growth.



14: o7 ANC Secretary-General Mantashe and his deputy Jessie Duarte and the ANCYL Secretary-General have arrived to kick off the presser.

14: 09 Mantashe: The NEC met in an ordinary meeting at St. George’s Hotel, Irene.

14: 10 Mantashe: The meeting initially scheduled for the 26th and 27th November 2016 was extended to the 28th November 2016.

14: 11 Mantashe: The NEC received the Political Report delivered by the President, the report of the National Working Committee.

14: 12 Mantashe: The NEC discussed amongst others the roadmap to the 54th National Conference to be held in December 2017.

14: 13 Mantashe: The NEC resolved to continue with and intensify its programme of engagement with various sectors of society and structures of the ANC.

14: 14 Mantashe: The NEC welcomed the report of meetings held by the ANC with business, faith based organisations & the veterans & stalwarts of our movement.

14: 15 Mantashe: In these engagements we have encountered many differing views.

14: 16 Mantashe: The meetings have advised us to work for the unity of the movement.

14: 17 Mantashe: The NEC further committed itself to accelerate work in progress to resolve problems created by the manipulation of candidate lists.

14: 18 Mantashe: The NEC resolved to invest even more in unifying the ANC; driving a programme that is underpinned by political education.

14: 19 Mantashe: We have been encouraged by the growing interest of our branches to make greater use of the ANC’s base documents.

14: 20 Mantashe: The stability of the ANC can only be assured with the improved ideological clarity of the membership.

14: 21 Mantashe: The NEC cautioned itself that the biggest danger to the unity of ANC is engaging each other through the lens of the upcoming 54th Conference.

14: 22 Mantashe: The meeting held with the veterans affirmed that we cannot be stronger unless we work together for unity and cohesion of the ANC.

14: 23 Mantashe: We resolved that together, we would work for effective solutions to the challenges confronting the ANC and society.

14: 24 Mantashe: Veterans committed themselves to work closely with structures of the movement & availed themselves to participate in programmes of the ANC NEC.

14: 25 Mantashe: We agreed that veterans will work with MKMVA to convene an assembly of all ex-combatants.

14: 26 Mantashe: We remain committed to working together with all stalwarts of our movement.

14: 27 Mantashe: The NEC resolved to extend by one extra day the National Policy Conference scheduled for the 30th June to the 5th July 2017.

14: 28 Mantashe: first 2 days of Conference will be utilised to assess the state of the ANC as envisaged in the veteran’s call for a Consultative Conference.

14: 28 Mantashe: In that way, the Policy Conference is able to deal with issues that were raised as necessitating a Consultative Conference.

14: 29 Mantashe: The NEC further adopted the ANC NEC Calendar for 2017.

14: 30 Mantashe: Accordingly, the 105th Anniversary celebrations will be held on Sunday, 8th January 2017 in Gauteng.

14: 31 Mantashe: On the 4th Jan 2017, there will be a special meeting of ANC NEC to consider & adopt the NEC Statement for the 105th Anniversary Celebrations.

14: 32 Mantashe: adopted the roadmap to the National Policy Conference to be held 30th June to 5th July.

14: 32 Mantashe: ANC NEC adopted the roadmap to the 54th National Conference on the 16th to the 20th December 2017.

14: 33 Mantashe: A call was made for ANC President, Cde Jacob Zuma, to consider stepping down as the President of the Republic of South Africa.

14: 34  Mantashe: The NEC allowed that debate without any suppression.

14: 35 Mantashe: After extensive deliberations, the ANC NEC came to the conclusion that the NDR remains on course.

14: 36 Mantashe: the revolution is facing serious threats being racism, ethnic nationalism and monopoly capital.

14: 37 Mantashe: The NEC took time to elaborate on what we have previously identified as a negative narrative directed towards the President.

14: 38 Mantashe: The essence of engagement and discussion is persuasion in order to arrive at consensus.

14: 39 Mantashe: Following robust, honest, candid and at times difficult discussions, the ANC NEC did not support the call for the President to step down.

14: 40 Mantashe: The NEC resolved it was more urgent to direct the energies of the ANC in its entirety to working towards the unity of the movement.

14: 41 Mantashe: All members of the ANC NEC had an opportunity to raise, in the meeting, the issues they feel are hurting the movement and the country.

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