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29 Nov 2016
12:47 pm

Doom prophet ‘Dooms himself’ to show God’s power

Citizen reporter

The 24-year-old 'healer' tried to prove to his critics that pesticide isn't harmful if you have enough faith.

Doom pastor

Prophet Lethebo Rabalago has again “demonstrated the power of God”, telling his congregants that Doom is not harmful. Taking to his Facebook page on Monday, he posted pictures of himself spraying the insect killer in his own face and eyes.

“The Man of God, Prophet Lethebo, demonstrated the Power of God by himself. By putting in his eyes and on the the face of his skin also the mouth. He is giving you answers. We are born of the spirit,” reads the caption on the pictures.

Doom pastor.

The young Doom Pastor.

Rabalago, of the Mount Zion General Assembly (MZGA), made headlines after he sprayed insect-killer Doom on his congregants that so they could ostensibly be healed of diseases.

Following the incident, a woman who was sprayed with the pesticide came forward, claiming it had healed her ulcers.

“The Prophet called sick people to come forward. [Mrs Mitala] went to the forth [sic] and told the Prophet that she suffers from ulcer. The Prophet sprayed doom on her and she received her healing and deliverance [sic],” one of the church’s Facebook posts read.

When asked why he would use Doom to heal people, Rabalago said he was chosen before birth to do this.

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Since then, the EFF has condemned the pastor’s actions, further trying to disrupt his church service on Sunday. The church posted a video on its Facebook page of the party trying to disrupt the service, but said they were not shaken.

“As the eff tried to stop the main service. An the man of God came in without fear. The devil you are a lair.Watch an see what this people are doing to the church.But we are not shaken [sic all].”

Watch the video below:

The party, which warned the pastor that he was abusing black people and would be punished, is reported to have uprooted part of the tent that houses Rabalago’s church.

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Rabalago has previously also blessed “everyone with the gift of faith” by making them eat Omo washing powder. He then gave the washing powder, which was in a white container, to a young woman who was standing in a crowd of schoolchildren.

See the pictures of that below:

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