Yadhana Jadoo
Political Editor
1 minute read
1 Mar 2014
6:50 am

New e-toll court battle ahead

Yadhana Jadoo

Another case against a piece of legislation which has given the green light for e-tolls to commence, will be launched by the DA in the Western Cape High Court on Tuesday.

FILE PICTURE: E-toll objectors gather before taking part in a mass protest drive along the tolled highways. Picture: Michel Bega

DA Gauteng premier candidate Mmusi Maimane is expected to divulge the merits and details of the case at a press briefing in Johannesburg tomorrow.

The Transport Laws and Related Matters Amendement Bill was signed into law by President Jacob Zuma in September last year, amid a Supreme Court of Appeal ruling case against e-tolls, launched by the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance.

Zuma signed the Bill just before jetting of to New York to address the 69th session of the General Assembly at the United Nations.

The legislation essentially afforded Transport Minister Dipuo Peters the signal to allow the SA National Roads Agency Ltd (Sanral) to begin e-tolling on Gauteng’s major highways on December 3.

The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) previously lost its case against the legislation at the North Gauteng High Court, when an urgent application for an interdict against e-tolling, failed.

Similar to the DA’s case, the FF+ charged that the Bill was initially incorrectly tagged under Section 75 which does not allow for consultation between provinces in Parliament.

It wanted the Bill reclassified to Section 76, which allows for this to take place.A reclassification of the Bill would bring e-tolls to a screeching halt, as the Bill would have to be reconsidered.