‘Racist’ DA councillor apologises for ‘anti-homeless’ post

Cllr. Shayne Ramsay. Picture: Facebook

Cllr. Shayne Ramsay. Picture: Facebook

She later apologised and even deleted her Facebook post.

DA councillor Shayne Ramsay has come out to apologise for her Facebook post on Monday.

Ramsay called on a march against homeless people, who she claimed in her post “rely on our handouts for their existence”. She further claimed that “if you stop giving to the beggars, street people and car guards, they will move elsewhere”. As an extra touch, Ramsay added that “our garbage bins are treated as buffet tables”.

“Given that we have such a liberal constitution, there’s not much that the SAPS can do to control vagrants,” Ramsay wrote.

She then suggested that councillors change the by-laws to “tighten up laws where appropriate”.

“So my next task is to review the ‘Streets and Public Places’ by-law and make recommendations to council tighten up laws where appropriate.”

After there was an outcry about her post, the DA ward councillor made a U-turn, saying “I unreservedly apologise to everyone I offended, particularly the homeless South Africans in Cape Town”.

She also said that “the march planned is now cancelled”.

“I would like to state my post is not a reflection of the values of the City of Cape Town or the party I represent, the DA.

“I believe that we have to create jobs and equip homeless residents with skills so that every person is able to pursue a life they value and that we should care for the most vulnerable in our society. Again, my sincere apologies.”

Many of her “friends” on Facebook, however, did not accept her apology, with some labelling her a racist.

Marc Rudlin responded to her apology by saying: “Yeah it represents you! A racist, vile disgusting person.”

Suhair Solomon wrote: “You know, if this post wasn’t the complete opposite of what you stated yesterday so brazenly I would believe this. You’re presented with an opportunity with someone of privilege and position. So here’s the question: what will you actively be doing over your term to undertake a commitment for a more inclusive Sea Point?”

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