Unlike Malema, I want more South Africans alive – Hofmeyr

Steve Hofmeyr. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark.

Steve Hofmeyr. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark.

The man who’s often called ‘the white Malema’ says he’s less keen on bloodshed than the EFF leader.

On the same day on which Afrikaner singer and activist Steve Hofmeyr, along with about 500 other Afrikaners, gathered at Church Square in Pretoria to declare that their “volk” (nation) needs to stand up to establish unity among Afrikaners, Hofmeyr tweeted what according to him was the main difference between himself and EFF leader Julius Malema.

He wrote that he wanted “more South Africans alive” than Malema.

Hofmeyr has often been compared to Malema as the “white version” of politically extreme racial ideology in South Africa. His tweet was probably in relation to the fact that Malema had said outside court in Newcastle earlier this month that he was not calling for the slaughter of white people, “at least for now”.

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In response, Hofmeyr republished an old open letter to the EFF leader, warning him that he and other Afrikaners would not take being slaughtered lying down. He told Malema that he would “bury him under his mulberry tree”.

Malema and the EFF have since attempted to qualify and clarify their leader’s “slaughter” comment by saying that violence will not be necessary if white people hand back the land they “stole” and are occupying. The EFF has, however, made it clear that they view such slaughter as perhaps inevitable if the status quo does not change.

Malema said in an interview this month on the SABC’s Question Time that he did not want to see “a single drop of blood” and that “white people are more than safe under Julius Malema, under the EFF”.

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Hofmeyr was part of a group of Afrikaners on Saturday who marched to Tshwane for a “fair share” of the land they claim has belonged to the “Boer people” for decades and even centuries.

While addressing the protesters in Afrikaans at Church Square, in Tshwane, National Conservative Party (NCP) chief whip Schalk van der Merwe said a “vast majority” of white people were tired of EFF leader Julius Malema and crime in the country.

“We are tired of Malema, tired of crime and tired of the killing of white people, and most importantly we want our land back,” said Van der Merwe.

At the same event addressed by Hofmeyr and attended by about 500 people, many of them holding up flags of the old South Africa and the Transvaal Republic, Van der Merwe added: “We also want our fair share of this country that belonged to the Boer people for decades and hundreds of years that we have been here. We’ve always wanted peace, but a vast majority of white people out there feel that Malema is pushing us in a direction we did not want to be in.

“We as Afrikaners demand that our cultural heritage be respected and that the Paul Kruger statue stay at Church Square, where it has been since 1954.”

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In Hofmeyr’s speech he called for so-called “deadweight” of transformation, reconciliation and white guilt to be dropped.

He said the Afrikaner nation needed the opportunity to rule over its own special interests. He even claimed that the purpose of apartheid had never been to oppress anyone. He defended late apartheid Prime Minister HF Verwoerd, who the world would “realise was right … more right than he gets credit for … it is a right to develop separately without interference”.

However, another Afrikaner, Stefan van der Westhuizen viewed the protest differenly. Van der Westhuizen was photographed holding up his own poster, saying: “Farm murders and township murders are equal!” 

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