Deshni Ramkissoon-Pillay
2 minute read
25 Nov 2016
4:32 pm

Elderly man survives freak accident in Durban

Deshni Ramkissoon-Pillay

A Coke truck snapped a large branch from a tree, which pierced into a vehicle’s windscreen.

A branch from a tree pierced the windscreen and lodged through the steering wheel. PHOTO: Upper Highway Info Facebook page

A man miraculously escaped a freak accident unharmed when a truck transporting Coke bottles snapped a tree branch that pierced his vehicle’s windscreen on Abrey Road in Kloof on Thursday afternoon, Highway Mail reports.

Trish Bezuidenhout, who witnessed the accident, shared details about the incident in a Facebook post.

She said there was the usual tailback traffic on the M13, Durban-bound, so her daughter, who was with her suggested that they backtrack and go down Stockville Road, as they needed to get to Westville. She took the off-ramp from the M13 and turned to go past SPAR and was behind a large Coke truck.

At the circle she allowed a car (a Honda SUV) to go before her, so the driver of that vehicle was then between her and the truck.

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“Just past Uncle Jumbos tent, the Coke truck snapped a rather large branch off one of the trees, which came flying over the truck and into the car in front of us. The driver stopped, and I stopped, not sure of what had transpired.

“A vehicle coming from the opposite direction stopped, and the driver got out immediately to offer his assistance. I then drove around the vehicle to get off the road, and what I witnessed was horrific and a miracle,” said Bezuidenhout.

She said the driver of the vehicle was an elderly man, and he had managed to get himself into the passenger seat and out of the vehicle safely. The branch broke through the windscreen and lodged through the steering wheel.

“I just thank God for sparing my daughter and I, as I had given way to the other vehicle and that the driver seemed to have escaped serious injury but was a bit shaken and lastly for the man who stopped to assist, and when I asked him, he said he would stay with the elderly man.

“It was a really very sobering incident. OMG things do happen in a flash,” wrote Bezuidenhout.

– Caxton News Service