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25 Nov 2016
2:19 pm

Malema, Maimane are Verwoerd’s ‘monkeys’ – Kenny Kunene

The Sushi King thinks any black person who sides with the DA is little more than a dog and a monkey.

FILE PICTURE: EFF Commander in Chief Julius Malema and Kenny Kunene. Picture: Nigel Sibanda.

Controversial businessman Kenny Kunene has again slated leaders of the EFF, DA and Cope and even former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela on Friday, saying they are the monkeys supposedly being referred to by the most notorious apartheid leader in history.

Kunene said on social media that the late South African prime minister Hendrik Verwoerd, the “architect of apartheid” was referring to EFF leader Julius Malema when he supposedly said “you can beat a Bantu today and he will smile at you tomorrow”.

The quote, attributed to Verwoerd (probably incorrectly, however), further says: “Bantu are like monkeys, no matter how you mistreat them they will always beg to serve you.

“We must not be afraid of giving Bantu the right to vote, they will use that vote to vote for the white man because Bantu, much like a dog, cannot exist without a master. They need the white man to tell them what to do.”

There’s no evidence that the quote actually came from Verwoerd or was ever said by any public figure. It’s also highly unlikely to have been something Verwoerd would have said. He was never in favour of giving black people the vote in South Africa, preferring to confine them to the so-called homeland states.

Kunene has on many occasions of late lashed out at EFF leader Malema. Kunene also has a long history of insulting DA leader Maimane. He has levelled numerous accusations against Madonsela in the past and now even appears ready to pick a fight with Mosiuoa Lekota.

Earlier this week, in a march on The Citizen’s offices in support of suspended editor Steven Motale, Kunene referred to Malema and Maimane as “garden boys” with the “only difference being that “Maimane has been promoted to a house n**ger”. He added that Malema was no better than Maimane as he had voted with the DA in metros after the local government elections, allowing the so-called white party to gain power in Johannesburg and Tshwane. He said that he and his comrades would never be “captured” like them.

Kunene made a number of allegations against Malema during his interview with SABC’s MorningLive last month, among which was the continued allegation that the EFF leader had met with ANC leaders in neighbouring Mozambique to allegedly discuss, among other things, his return to the “liberation movement”, the ANC.

Kunene also challenged his former friend to a public debate on these allegations and to produce his passport for public scrutiny, to which Malema responded: “He must first get 20k national votes before he gets at least a mention from me, not even a debate; otherwise he remains irrelevant.”