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25 Nov 2016
10:43 am

‘Racially divided’ picture of kids leaves Mpofu crying emoji tears

Citizen reporter

The EFF top man says people shouldn't be shocked by the picture, a reflection of the 'status quo'.

FILE PICTURE: Advocate Dali Mpofu. Picture: Alaister Russell

National chairperson of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Dali Mpofu says there is nothing strange about a picture apparently showing racially divided kids in a swimming pool.

In the picture, a group of whites kids are seen playing in a swimming pool, while their black counterparts sit outside the pool as two women facilitate the activity. It’s not clear where the picture was taken, and what actually happened.

Many believe it’s a case of racism, while others say that it could be that the black kids cannot swim, which their opponents say is highly unlikely.

The EFF advocate says the kids are being prepared for the “realities” of life in South Africa if the status quo is not changed.

“Theres nothing “strange” here … Just kids being prepared for the REALITIES of SAn life IF we DON’T change status quo😢,” said Mpofu on Twitter, adding a Twitter emoji of himself in tears.

The picture shows children racially divided in a swimming pool.

The picture allegedly shows children racially divided in a swimming pool.

This comes months after a crèche in Centurion came under severe public criticism for allegedly segregating a black child from her white classmates.

The Koeitjies en Kalfies Kleuterskool crèche sent a picture to her mother, who was at work at the time. In the picture, there are seven kids, six white and one black. The black child is seen sitting alone at a separate table, while the other six are sitting together on their own table enjoying cupcakes.

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Upon receiving the picture, the mother of the black child, whose name cannot be made public for fear of identifying the child, claims she immediately rushed to the crèche to fetch her child.

“My beautiful 19-month old is made to sit at a table by herself while the rest of her class sits cosy on the table next to her, indulging in [a] delectable spread and my poor child sits with just her lunch tin,” she said.