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25 Nov 2016
9:44 am

Hlaudi compares himself to Jesus – ‘I’m here to save SA’

Citizen Reporter

Motsoeneng was flanked by dozens of supporters who wore T-shirts bearing his name and proclaiming their support for him.

Former SABC chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng. Picture: Michel Bega

“There is only one Hlaudi.”

Embattled SABC group chief of corporate affairs said this as he held up one finger to illustrate his point outside the Western Cape High Court yesterday. He went into a short diatribe against the DA, comparing himself to Jesus and claiming he would save South Africa.

Motsoeneng was flanked by dozens of supporters who wore T-shirts bearing his name and proclaiming their support for him.

Motsoeneng, described as a “toxic influence” by the DA, looked relaxed as he walked into Courtroom 1 flanked by his allies.

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Chairperson of the DA’s federal executive James Selfe said in a statement on Wednesday that the court must remove Motsoeneng from his position “until and only if the public protector report is set aside”.

The 2014 report found, among other things, that he had lied about his matric qualifications and given himself irregular salary increases.

“The first application pertains to the DA’s request, lodged in March, to have the farcical outcome of the disciplinary inquiry into Motsoeneng, then as chief operating officer (COO), set aside, as it was fatally flawed and only served to shield him from accountability,” the statement read.

Selfe said the outcome of the disciplinary hearing could not be accepted because of numerous charges, including gross dishonesty, that were simply dismissed.

“The second part deals with the DA’s application, lodged in October, to have the appointment of Motsoeneng as group executive of corporate affairs declared invalid,” Selfe said.

See some of Motsoeneng’s other controversial quotes below

  1. “I believe everywhere I am, I perform miracles, and I will perform miracles in my new position as corporate affairs [group executive] and make it very interesting. You didn’t know anything about the COO position before I arrived, but now you know about it.”
  2. “Some leaders are born. Like myself, I am a born leader, so you can’t take that away from me. I have been leading from a young age. From Standard 3 I was a leader, even leading my own teachers.”
  3. “In my view Hlaudi Motsoeneng is Hlaudi Motsoeneng, and there is only one Hlaudi in South Africa. It’s this one called Hlaudi and no one else.”
  4. “Those who write bad about us, actually I’m happy because I think about you every time. And every time I work so hard, you assist us by writing bad about the SABC. It’s a good move. You know I perform well when I have forces that don’t support me.”
  5. “I think you have seen that everywhere I go, it’s fully packed, and you can see that people are very excited, so I don’t know who is not supporting Hlaudi … I don’t even understand why they’re making this hullabaloo.”

– Additional reporting by ANA