Citizen reporter
1 minute read
25 Nov 2016
8:48 am

WATCH: More cash in a suitcase than you’ve ever seen

Citizen reporter

Is this evidence of the aftermath of a big cash-in-transit heist? Or just the start of an innocent big weekend?

Picture: Facebook

The video below has been trending on Facebook this week. Crime watch site Intelligence Bureau SA uploaded it with the question: “This much cash and those Fidelity bags?”

The video has divided opinion on social media, with some commenters saying it looks “fishy” that there are Fidelity bags among the money, since Fidelity is a security company known for transporting cash and also being a victim of transit robberies.

Based on the fact that the men in the video speak with a West African accent, most users have assumed that they are Nigerian.

Some on Facebook have, however, defended the men (whose faces appear in the footage), saying this is not evidence of any crime and the Fidelity bag could have been acquired legally. Many, though, have called for the Hawks to investigate, with one person suggesting that the bag would tell you where the money comes from as it has a serial number.

One commenter even suggested that one of the people in the video has appeared on Vuzu Rich Kids.

The money in the suitcase is in most South African denominations, most of it 50s and 100s. According to one person who commented, there could be anywhere between R350 000 and R500 000 in this one big suitcase alone.

The Citizen has not been able to establish the source of the footage, but it is clearly recent, as one of the men is making a joke about spraying Doom in the faces of the girls they intend to have fun with over the weekend. He was referencing the infamous 24-year-old “Doom pastor” who made headlines this week for spraying insecticide in the faces of believers to “heal” them of various ailments.