‘Pastor Doom’ reveals how he helps the sick

Juvial, a Limpopo woman who had serious unpredictable menstural circle was healed after the pastor used doom on her during a healing period, 22 November 2016. Picture: Alex Matlala

Congregants have shared stories of how the controversial pastor allegedly heals their ailments using Doom.

The now infamous Limpopo pastor who had made headlines after using Doom to heal the sick in his church has added stones, apples and pears to his toolkit for healing.

“Pastor Doom”, as he is affectionately known in Limpopo by congregants, has already “healed” those infected with HIV, irregular menstrual cycles, epilepsy and ulcers, to mention only a few insecticide-powered miracles.

Lethebo Rabalago, the 24-year old pastor originally from Moletlane village near Marble Hall, has become the hero of his rural community of Ga-Mathibela, just a stone’s throw from Lebowakgomo outside Polokwane.

There are claims a woman, Juvial, who suffered from an irregular menstrual cycle, was healed within minutes. Now, the controversial pastor has apparently done it again.

“I spent two weeks in bed without walking, talking, drinking and eating after the doctor diagnosed me with [an] ulcer,” Jeanet Maroga told The Citizen on Tuesday.

“My son told me about how God uses his son in Mount Zion General Assembly Church. The pastor only took Doom from the car and sprayed in my mouth and my face and I rose with jubilation and praised the Lord because I was a totally new person.

“I was healed, active and felt anew. Our father [Rabalago] should be given a space to breathe and to execute God’s mandate to help his nation.”

Maroga jumped with elation as she demonstrated her new lease on life. Another woman, Brenda Lesetja, 29, also from Ga-Mathibela village, said that a single prayer from Rabalago made a R6 000 debt for a refrigerator “disappear”. Lesetja said she bought a refrigerator from a local furniture shop in Polokwane and only managed to pay for three months.

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“But on the day they came to fetch the refrigerator, the officials from the shop said my [debt] has been scrapped,” said Lesetja.

Interestingly, the jovial Betty Mashadu, a middle-aged woman in Zebediela who had no water in her borehole that she drilled 12 months ago said: “I now have a flood of water from the same normally dry borehole after I followed Rabalago’s instructions.”

Speaking to The Citizen on Tuesday, Rabalago confirmed using Doom to heal people.

“God uses anything to heal the sick and Doom is no exception. I always have an a-ha moment with the sick because, through the mercy of God, they always get help,” he said.

But the pastor’s wayward methods have set tongues wagging countrywide. On Tuesday the CRL Rights Commission said a meeting between the pastor and the commission was on the cards.

Commissioner Edward Mafadza called on people who had problems with the pastor’s practices to come forward. Mafadza said it was difficult to take action against the pastor because people went to church willingly.

Meanwhile, the company that produces Doom, Tiger Brands, condemned the practice by the pastor. It said Doom had been formulated to kill insects and that using it for purposes other than what it was intended was very dangerous.

Rabalago is the latest religious leader to use unconventional methods to heal people. Others have used petrol, rats, snakes and grass.

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