South Africa 22.11.2016 06:16 am

Increasing gang violence worries Bophelong

FILE PIC: Knives. (PHOTO: Gallo images)

FILE PIC: Knives. (PHOTO: Gallo images)

Community leader Jabulani Dlomo said little is being done to curb the scourge in the community.

Violence associated with gangsterism has raised its ugly head again after several gang members were brutally killed in Bophelong, Vanderbijlpark, over the past two weekends.

So far, reports indicate that three people (all gang members) were killed last weekend while a fourth gang member was also killed on Sunday.

Gang violence, according to community leader Jabulani Dlomo, has been on the increase with little being done to curb the scourge.

“Sunday’s killing was sparked by last weekend’s killings which saw a gang leader killed.

“Once a gang member or leader is killed by a rival group, there is always retaliation. As things stand at the moment, it appears the situation will get even worse this week,” Dlomo said.

The rival groups in Bophelong near Vanderbijlpark in Gauteng are known as Mopheme and the Diamonds.

Dlomo said the fights between the rival groups are caused by a “battle for supremacy” where gangs want to be known by everyone living in a particular community.

He said last weekend’s gruesome killings occurred after a gang from Tshirela attacked a rival group from Bophelong.

“On Sunday, I was told another gang member from Bophelong was killed.

“Several houses were also set alight,” he said.

Dlomo said while gang members seldom carry guns, they use dangerously sharpened weapons such as pangas and knives to kill one another.

“The other worrying thing is that during the violence, it is usually children as young as 14 years who are seen at the forefront of these killings,” he said.

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