Malema: I want ‘murderer’ De Klerk to suffer

EFF leader Julius Malema. (File Photo by Gallo Images / Beeld / Simone Kley)

The EFF leader says the former president must rot in jail should he become a president, as he is not for ‘reconciliation without justice’.

Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema said on Monday that former president FW de Klerk must pray that Malema doesn’t become president.

He was addressing the media and his supporters outside the Bloemfontein Regional Court where he faces charges brought against him by AfriForum.

The EFF leader says he would lock the last apartheid president up for crimes he claims De Klerk presided over during the apartheid era. Malema says the former president should be made accountable for the deaths of many black people who were allegedly buried in unidentifiable graves.

He says De Klerk is the last person who can “lecture” him about democracy because, during his time, De Klerk apparently did not just incite violence against black people, but was aware that it was being practised by the state against them.

Malema added that he didn’t believe in the concept of reconciliation without justice, and that justice means the return of the land, which he says was stolen from black people.

“We are not calling for their [white people’s] slaughter. Unlike them … they slaughtered black people. They killed black people. They committed black genocide.

“Now De Klerk thinks he can stand up to lecture us about incitement. He has not incited, De Klerk. He presided over the killing of our people. And De Klerk must know, that every evening when he sleeps, he must pray that Malema must never be a president of South Africa. Because if I become a president of South Africa, I will lock up De Klerk for the crimes they committed against against black people for a very long time.

“De Klerk deserves to be in jail. De Klerk deserves to rot in jail. De Klerk was never punished for the killing of black people. Who is De Klerk to lecture me about democracy. A murderer! I will never listen to De Klerk. My wish is to see De Klerk in prison. My wish is to see De Klerk suffering for a very long time, for the crimes they committed against black people. They were never punished for that.

“Hey De Klerk, I’m not the one who introduced reconciliation. I am not for reconciliation. I am for justice. There’s no reconciliation without justice. And justice is the return of the land. There will never be justice if the land is never returned.

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