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12 Nov 2016
11:34 pm

Malema fans warn Kenny Kunene they’ll kill him right back

Citizen reporter

EFF diehards warned 'attention-seeking dumb-dumb' Kunene he'd better watch his back if 'anything happens' to the EFF leader.

FILE PICTURE: EFF Commander in Chief Julius Malema and Kenny Kunene. Picture: Nigel Sibanda.

The ongoing pantomime of Kenny Kunene vs Julius Malema continued on Saturday with a Twitter account called EFF Supporters warning the “Sushi King” that they would get revenge on Kunene if he ever managed to succeed in killing Malema.

Kunene had vowed on Twitter that he would “kill” Malema before the EFF leader could “slaughter” any white people after Malema said that the EFF didn’t want “to slaughter white people … for now”.

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Kunene said in an interview on Monday that Malema’s apparent threat that white people might have to be slaughtered if they didn’t give up their ownership of the land had “vindicated him”. Kunene said he had been warning South Africa for some time against the fact that Malema was full of hatred and secretly wanted to kill all white people, but it wasn’t such a secret any more after Malema’s utterances.

Malema had spoken outside the Newcastle Magistrates’ Court where he was charged with inciting his supporters to illegally occupy vacant land. The state used the Riotous Assemblies Act of 1956, an apartheid-era law, to charge him.

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Malema told the gathered crowd, to cheers, that white people had no rightful claim to any land – he warned white people to stop supporting him.

The EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, the party spokesperson, tried to explain that the EFF “didn’t want to” slaughter white people but it might come to that if they continued to stubbornly cling to owning the land “illegitimately”.

The next day, on Twitter, Kunene tried to reassure his “white friends” that they need not be concerned that Malema would slaughter them, since he would “kill Malema” before that could happen. He even added if that meant he’d have to go back to prison for murder, he would do so gladly, since he’d have done the world a service.

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Predictably, he was relentlessly trolled and it was continuing over the weekend, with the “EFF supporters” telling him they would get revenge if “anything happens to Julius Malema”.

Kunene’s response was that he wasn’t scared of them and said “bring it on. I’m not [an] old woman [and] white [people you can] scare.”

He accused them of cowardice and being “sissies” with their “Judas”.

Malema will be appearing again on Monday in Bloemfontein and the party and its supporters plan to hold a night vigil ahead of Malema’s court appearance. The vigil is set to take place from 9pm at the Batho Community Hall.

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