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10 Nov 2016
1:57 pm

Zuma must pack his bags and leave – Mathews Phosa

Citizen reporter

The anti-apartheid activist says the president has no character and integrity.

Mathews Phosa (Photo by Gallo Images / Beeld / Theana Breugem)

Anti-apartheid activist and ANC stalwart Mathews Phosa again called on President Jacob Zuma to resign on Thursday afternoon.

This as the country awaits the parliamentary vote of no confidence motion against the president.

Phosa says no one in the history of the ANC has destroyed the party and the country as Zuma has done.

Speaking to eNCA, the anti-apartheid activist, now a businessman, says the president lacks character, integrity and has no sense of shame. He called on the president “to pack his bags and leave”.

“There’s no one in this country who has ever diminished, devalued and destroyed the ANC and South Africa worse than President Jacob Zuma. It can’t get worse.

“An NWC [national working committeee] should consider asking him politely to pack up his bags and to leave.

“We need leaders with character, with integrity, with a sense of shame. President Zuma does not have character … does not have integrity … doesn’t have a sense of shame. Because if he had any of the three elements, he would have stepped down. But we must still insist that he must step down because he is the elephant in the South African room.

“The leadership of the NEC of the ANC will have to confess to posterity and future generations … why they are failing us in deciding on this matter. To say to President Zuma, we have not found you guilty … there’s honour in falling in your own sword. He should have left when the Constitutional Court pronounced on him. If he leaves, there’ll be no crisis in the ANC.

“In terms of the ANC constitution, the deputy would just lead the party to the next conference. So we don’t need any drama in the ANC.

Meanwhile, leader of the Democratic Alliance Mmusi Maimane said on on Twitter that “our call now is to ensure that the Office of the President is occupied by a woman or man who respects the office and the laws of the land”.