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8 Nov 2016
3:25 pm

I will kill Malema – Kenny Kunene

Citizen reporter

He reassured his 'white friends' that he won't allow Malema to slaughter them ... he'll kill the EFF leader before that can happen.

Julius Malema with Kenny Kunene back while they were still big party buddies (in more ways than one).

Kenny Kunene, who was once an EFF member in its early stages with Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu, took to Twitter on Tuesday to reassure white people who may be feeling nervous about possibly being “slaughtered” by the EFF.

He said, “my white friends, rest assured you will NOT be slaughtered by Judas … I will kill him before he gets to you. SA belongs to all who live in it…”

One can only guess at how serious his statement is, since the “Sushi King” is known to say and do things merely for provocation. However, he did spend several years in jail, where he was involved in gang life, and is probably no stranger to violence.

He later tweeted that it would be worth going back to jail for to save SA from “a wild animal”.

Kunene was responding to a statement by Malema in Newcastle on Monday – where the EFF commander in chief appeared under a law from the 1950s for his alleged incitement of his followers to occupy vacant land. He said that white people had no claim to land and added that “we are not going to slaughter white people … for now”.

“We are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now … The rightful owners of the land are black people. No white person is a rightful owner of the land here in SA and the whole of the African continent.”

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Kunene, who likes to refer to Julius Sello Malema as “Judas Sellout Malema” instead, also tweeted that people need to stop supporting Malema because his hatred “is deep”, he “can’t be tamed” and people need to stop clapping for him and funding him:

On Monday, in an interview with The Citizen, Kunene, a co-founder of the EFF in 2013 with Floyd Shivambu and Malema, said that he had been warning South Africa against Malema and his “hatred of white people” for years, but he had not been taken seriously. Kunene said that he now felt vindicated.

“This is part of why I left the EFF. Malema used to make it clear how much he hates white people. He used to say the plan was to use white people and their resources to build the EFF until it could take power.

“‘Then when we are in power, we take everything from them.’

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“When he said he doesn’t want to slaughter white people … yet, that wasn’t a joke. That was the real Malema. When he said the white man mustn’t clap for the EFF, he wasn’t joking, that’s the real Malema talking.”

Kunene would not elaborate on his other reasons for leaving the EFF, other than to say he was put off by Malema’s militaristic and warlike nature.

The EFF has subsequently explained that it isn’t advocating for the genocide of white people, but that this may be inevitable if white people continue to cling to land that the EFF alleges is not rightfully theirs.