Zimasa Mgwili
1 minute read
8 Nov 2016
3:00 pm

VIDEOS: Police fire at protesters in KZN

Zimasa Mgwili

Residents are demanding electricity and proper road infrastructure.

Merlewood protesters

Merlewood protesters in KZN burned tyres and barricaded the N2 and Palm Road in Merlewood earlier this morning, South Coast Herald reports.

When the Herald arrived, protesters were fuming with anger, claiming police had fired shots at them without warning.

Protesters said they were tired of the empty promises made by Ray Nkonyeni municipality.

Rocks placed by residents.

Rocks placed by residents.

They want their RDP houses to be hooked up to electricity and their roads fixed, they pleaded.

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“We have been waiting for too long, it’s enough,” said one angry protester, who added that life was difficult, especially for the elderly.

According to protesters, 67 houses handed over to them by the municipality have no electricity.

“Our children are writing exams, they can’t even study. Do people have to die from illegal connections and fire for our pleas to be heard?” asked another angry protester.

Protesters have since threatened to close all roads if their demands were not met.

More updates to follow.

– Caxton News Service