DRC family’s grant card rejected

PHOTO: Sassa website

PHOTO: Sassa website

A Democratic Republic of Congo family, who are refugees in South Africa, were left cash-strapped for months after their children’s social grant card was rejected several times at SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) paypoints.

The father, who was concerned that someone was fraudulently collecting his family’s grants, said his five South African-born children aged between 10 months and 10 years were approved to receive the grants, but had not received anything for months.

In a desperate plea for help, a letter sent to The Citizen by his wife said: “We do not know where our money is going while it already reflects in the computer.”

Sassa spokesperson Kgomoco Diseko yesterday dismissed any foul play in this case. “The family has not been collecting their grants since April last year. The money was not collected until June and it lapsed. If a grant is not collected for three months, it lapses,” he said. “The grant was paid in July, but the system returned it as uncollected again.

The beneficiary came to reinstate it in January this year and it was approved. They have since been told that they will receive the money from March 1.”

The father, who said officials had since contacted him to assist, said the grants were not collected for months after their Sassa card was rejected at paypoints – leading to the eventual cancellation of the payouts.


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