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8 Nov 2016
1:40 pm

Hofmeyr says ‘your arse’ to Malema over ‘allowance to let us live a little longer’

Citizen reporter

The singer has reminded the EFF leader that he'll defend himself against any 'thief' and put him in the ground under his mulberry tree.

FILE PICTURE: Steve Hofmeyr performs at the annual Afrikaans music festival on November 1, 2014 at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, South Africa. (Photo by Gallo Images / Foto24 / Alet Pretorius)

Afrikaner activist and singer Steve Hofmeyr took to Twitter on Monday to republish an old letter to the EFF leader, Julius Malema, as his response to black people “taking back” the land in South Africa and helping themselves to the property of white people.

Malema’s inflammatory rhetoric outside court in Newcastle included statements that white people would not be slaughtered, but only for now. The party has since clarified that it isn’t calling for genocide but that white slaughter is somehow inevitable if ownership patterns of the land do not change.

He has said white people are not the rightful owners of the land, and other property, and should cede it all to black people.

In response, the letter the popular singer republished (in Afrikaans) called Malema “Mr Burglar” (rough translation of “Meneer die Inbreker”).

He said on Twitter it was in response to “sy vergunning om ons nog ‘n rukkie te laat lewe”, which means “his allowance to let us live a little longer”).

Hofmeyr has often been accused of racism for numerous controversial comments, including that blacks were themselves the architects of apartheid. He, however, has consistently denied that he is a racist.

In a sarcastic interpretation of the law that burglars may only be shot in self-defence and if they present an imminent threat, Hofmeyr writes that “burglars” or “thieves” such as Malema have the law on their side because they are not allowed to be injured while breaking in and need to be handled in a civilised manner.

He then promptly, however, promises, just “between us ‘jintelmen'” that he would put anyone trespassing on his property in a grave.

He says that the “baas” is being so “ugly” because of the country’s runaway violent crime stats and the fact that behaving in a civilised manner does not work in South Africa, as it might elsewhere in the world. He continues by adding that, in his opinion, the reason black people are trying to take white people’s property is that they have believed the lie that there used to be top “Western cities, infrastructure and life expectancy” in Africa that were taken away from black people.

He alleges that Malema’s reaction to this is to act as barbarically as possible.

Hofmeyr continues by adding that just looking at Malema leaves him with a bitter, galling taste in his mouth. “You and your type of wall jumpers”, he alleges, made South Africa drop down to 30 murders per 100 000.

He said he will defend his family with his life long before he can hear any explanation of what “the burglar” is doing in his room.

He tells him at the end of the letter “U moer” (meaning, “your arse”) and that he has a special place under his mulberry tree for Malema and other thieves.

After 14 hours, his post had received nearly 800 comments and thousands of shares, mostly from supporters agreeing with him and pledging that they, too, would do whatever it takes to protect their property.