Nzimande calls for intensified struggle against abuse of state organs

Blade Nzimande
Picture: Michel Bega

‘We are today drawing a red line and we call upon the people of South Africa, especially the workers and the poor, to stop this rot and abuse of state organs for purposes of serving narrow accumulation agendas.’

Those pursuing political agendas do not have the interests of South Africa at heart and are prepared to sink the country into a political and economic abyss to hide their parasitic interests, South African Communist Party General Secretary Blade Nzimande said on Sunday.

Speaking at the launch of the SACP’s annual Red October Campaign in Sebokeng, Gauteng, he called for the struggle against the abuse of state organs aimed at advancing parasitic accumulation to be intensified.

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“Comrades, if half of what is in today’s Sunday papers is true, that there is a renewed plot to charge the Minister of Finance [Pravin Gordhan] again, and that some of the state organs are targeted at tarnishing the image of, among others, the secretary general of the ANC comrade Gwede Mantashe and other comrades, the SACP wishes to say today: ‘Enough is enough and no more!’ We are today drawing a red line and we call upon the people of South Africa, especially the workers and the poor, to stop this rot and abuse of state organs for purposes of serving narrow accumulation agendas,” he said.

The SACP was prepared to fight this scourge in the same manner it fought in defence of now President Jacob Zuma some 10 to 13 years ago, when it believed state organs were being used to pursue narrow political agendas.

“If we do not do so, all of us will be in the queue of being harassed for narrow political reasons. As the SACP, we are also acutely aware that those who are pursuing these political agendas have no interest of our country at heart, but are prepared to, if need be, sink our country into a political and economic abyss in order to hide their parasitic interests. We call upon all South African communists and other patriots to say: ‘Enough is enough!’. We must stop the plundering of our state resources and the use of its organs by a parasitic bourgeoisie!

“We must also be vigilant and defend our state owned companies as institutions aimed at advancing the economic interests of the overwhelming majority of the workers and poor of our country. Part of our Red October Campaign must be to intensify our defence of our state-owned entities like the SABC, Eskom, Telkom, Transnet, Prasa, the Post Office, PetroSA, SAA, SA Express, Denel, and so on.

Nzimande said: “Let especially the organised workers of our country like Cosatu [Congress of SA Trade Unions] and its affiliates stand up and loudly say: ‘Our state is not for sale!’ Organised workers have a very important role in defeating the corporate capture of the state. Organised workers cannot afford to be seen hesitating, or indecisive, or uncertain, on these crucial matters. The SACP calls upon Cosatu in particular, and organised workers in general, to firmly cement their alliance with the SACP around waging a principled fight and struggle against the corporate capture of the state! Corporate capture of the state only serves to undermine the interests and struggles of the workers and poor of our country!”

These and other entities that were wholly or part-owned by the state had to serve the people and national interest. They had to serve democratic transformation and development imperatives. The working class had to stand up and defend these institutions from corporate capture.

“Our state owned entities are not entities to be plundered by parasites, but are there to drive an economic agenda that is in the interests of the majority of the people of our country. The SACP, acting together with all progressive forces in our broader alliance and movement must act in a united fashion to defeat the corporate capture of our state institutions and entities,” Nzimande said.

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Monopoly capitalism remained the principal strategic opponent and obstacle in advancing a radical national democratic revolution. “But parasites like the Guptas are no alternative to monopoly capital. Instead their parasitic acts can only serve to weaken the capacity of our state and struggle to defeat monopoly capital. We therefore need to fight both monopoly capital and the Guptarisation of our state with the same ferocity and vigour,” he said.

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