Poppie van der Merwe’s mother ‘kidnapped, assaulted’

Louisa Koekemoer. Picture: Kormorant.

It is alleged a woman impersonating a cop kidnapped and assaulted Louisa Koekemoer, the mother of the late three-year-old Poppie van der Merwe.

The mother of the late Poppie van der Merwe was allegedly kidnapped and severely beaten, reports the Kormorant.

Lieutenant-Colonel Pelonomi Makau, North West police spokesperson, stated that on Wednesday night Poppie’s mother, Louisa Koekemoer, 45, opened a case of kidnapping and assault.

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Koekemoer claimed that late Wednesday afternoon, a woman in a white car arrived on the farm where they live outside Brits and presented herself as a police officer. The woman allegedly ordered Koekemoer to go with her to Pretoria for questioning.

Huisgenoot magazine reports that they spent many hours driving around in the dark storm that raged across Gauteng on Wednesday. The woman claimed she was lost. In the queue, she began asking about Van der Merwe and apparently demanded that Koekemoer “had to start telling the truth”.

They eventually arrived in Roodepoort, where the woman stopped in a parking lot. That’s when she pulled out an object resembling a gun and allegedly beat Koekemoer on her face and head.

Huisgenoot further reported that the woman also pulled Koekemoer’s hair and allegedly threatened that “she was going to kill her as they had killed Poppie”. Koekemoer managed to escape and sought help at a petrol station close by.

Koekemoer apparently only realised that the woman’s gun was not a real gun but a pellet gun when the woman shot at her as she was running away. She said she had bruises where she was hit.

Little Poppie was taken to hospital in Brits last week with various injuries and was later pronounced dead in the hospital. Her stepfather, Kobus Koekemoer, was then arrested. It is alleged that he had kicked the girl, causing her death.

On Thursday he appeared in the Brits Magistrates’ Court on a charge of murder. The case was adjourned until November 17 so that he could get legal representation and then apply for a bail.

Angry members of the public shouted that he “will die like a dog”.

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