Molefe denies saying he went to Saxonwold shebeen

Brian Molefe speaks at a press conference where he was releasing Eskom's 2016 interim results, 3 November 2016. Megawatt Park, Sunninghill. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Eskom’s CEO wants to know who gave Thuli Madonsela ‘the records of my cellphone?’

During Eskom’s media briefing on Friday, Eskom CEO Brian Molefe denied that he said he went to a shebeen in Saxonwold for drinks.

Social media has been mocking Eskom CEO relentlessly since he tried to make light of cellphone evidence gathered by former public protector Thuli Madonsela placing him at the Guptas’ Saxonwold compound.

On Thursday, while announcing Eskom’s financials, he denied visiting the family at their home, saying “there’s a shebeen there in that area”. The “State of Capture” report showed that from 2 August 2015 to 22 March 2016, Molefe called Ajay Gupta a total of 44 times and he called Molefe 14 times.eish

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The comment, however, elicited an angry response from the Saxonwold and Parkwood Residents’ Association on Thursday.

Cellphone tracking records Madonsela’s investigators obtained indicated that Molefe was at or near the Guptas’ Saxonwold, Johannesburg, compound 19 times between August 5 and November 17, 2015.

Molefe had broken down in tears as he hit back at these details during an Eskom results presentation

“My cellphone reflects that I was in Saxonwold 14 times, close to the herd of proverbial goats. My cellphone reflects I was in the area,” Molefe said.

“There’s a shebeen there, two streets away from the Gupta(s). I will not admit or deny that I’ve gone to the shebeen. But there is a shebeen there.”

Turvey denied that there was a shebeen in the upmarket area near the Joburg zoo.

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She told News24: “We would appreciate if Mr Molefe would tell us the address of this shebeen because if there is one it must be illegal and then must be closed down,” she said.

On Friday, however, Molefe denied that he went to either a shebeen near the Guptas’ compound. He told the media: “I said yesterday that when I arrived at work I told someone that the public protector claims I was in Saxonwold 14 times. My colleague said he goes to Saxonwold every Friday.

“I did not say I went there. My colleague said there is a place in Saxonwold that he goes to on Fridays and Saturdays. I did not say I went there to drink.”

He expressed repeatedly that he took issue with Madonsela’s report and was taking legal advice and “would respond at the appropriate time about the issues”.

“Who gave her the records of my cellphone?” He said he would have wanted to interview the people who gave her his phone records.

“Her failure to ask me the questions has caused damage to me as a person.”

Eskom as a whole has said it is considering taking the State of Capture report on review, since it implicates the entire parastatal in giving an unfair advantage to a Gupta-owned company supplying it with coal.

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