Author’s bestselling advice book snags an award

The book is a fun, easy read about how to capture a man’s heart in a serious relationship, proving ‘black people do read’.

Bestselling author Bonsai Shongwe claims he has the answer to catch – and hold on to – your ideal mate.

And it seems his readers agree: his book Conversations with women, How To Have Mr Right Wrapped Around Your Little Finger … Forever! has sold more than 10 000 copies – an achievement that was recognised with an award from Empowaworx Events and Communications.

“The fact that this book sold more than 10 000 copies in 10 countries, mainly by direct requests, without being carried on any bookshelf, is noteworthy,” said Empowaworx MD Simphiwe Masiza.

“We felt compelled to recognise the author. We are not aware of any other self-published work having enjoyed such a movement with book readers in South Africa.”

The book is a fun, easy read about how to capture a man’s heart in a serious relationship. It was written in a conversational style on social networks and has struck a chord with many readers, book clubs and women’s events.

“This humbling award proves that black people do read,” said Shongwe about the award. “Black authors make it difficult for many to read. They seem to believe they have to write sad autobiographies.

The expectation is that books by black writers should include elements such as surviving abuse, deep poetry, African renaissance, the scourge of poverty or HIV/Aids.

“When black readers don’t respond to these heavy-going subjects – which are often presented and packaged in unexciting ways – the authors cite the catchphrase ‘black people don’t read’,” he said.

The first part of the book shares the statement posted by the author on social networks. “Bonsai Shongwe is spilling the beans!

A man will approach you based on how you look … come back based on how you make him feel … but stay, sacrifice, be faithful, take care or even die for you based on how you build his ego!”

This is the statement that began the long conversation.


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