Plans to close Durban beach following drownings

Plans to close Durban beach following drownings

Two metal gates have been installed at the beginning of the pier and will be chained to prevent fishermen from accessing the pier.

As the city had temporarily closed the pier due to the deaths on drownings, another victim has fallen prey to the beach.

A man is presumed to have drowned after falling off Virginia Pier this morning, Northglen News reports.

This is the fourth drowning this month, and the third in less than a week.

According to a police source, divers from the Durban Search and Rescue were called out in the early hours of today to the Virginia Beach pier.

The drowning comes hours after the City installed metal gates at the end of the pier to prevent beach-goers and fishermen specifically from getting on to the pier.

The 40-year-old man who has been identified, was at the beach with his friends when the tragedy occurred.

“The search is ongoing for the victim. He was swept out by the current and is presumed to have drowned,” the source said.

A fisherman who spoke to Northglen News on the condition of anonymity said he believed the beach was cursed.

“I can’t fish here anymore. Something doesn’t add up about all these incidents. I believe the beach is cursed. We are all shocked by what happened this morning,” he said.


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Following the drowning of two fishermen, the Durban city has taken the decision to temporarily close the entrance to the Virgina Pier, Northglen News reports.

On Wednesday morning, the City’s parks department barricaded the entrance to the pier with two metal gates, which will be chained to the pier

This decision was sparked by the City’s concern about the missing railing and the area that is now covered with caution tape at the end of the pier.

Sunday’s drowning saw one of the fishermen being swept off the front of the pier.

Waseem Adam, 21, an engineering student and mechanic, Imran Noor-Mohamed, 30, were reportedly washed out to sea after Adam slipped and fell off the pier, which was not properly enclosed on Sunday.

Noor-Mohamed jumped in after his friend in a desperate attempt to rescue him, but the ocean’s strong currents overwhelmed both the men.

When Northglen News visited the site on Wednesday, several fisherman had ignored the warnings of officials and the metal gates and had climbed on to the pier.

One of the fishermen, Jason Govender, said while he was saddened by what had happened, it would not stop him from fishing.

“We understand the risks involved. I do think something needs to be done to fix the gap at the end of the pier because it is dangerous. I know other anglers will be extremely sad when they chain the gates to stop us from fishing,” he said.

In the last month there has been three drownings involving fishermen at the beach.

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