White monopoly capital is persecuting us – Edward Zuma

The president’s eldest son alleges that attacks on his father are being orchestrated by big business.

President Jacob Zuma’s eldest son, Edward Zuma, reportedly told the Sunday Times that it was often very hard to “be a Zuma”.

He said that people expected members of the Zuma family to be able to “do miracles” and looked at them as deputy heads of state when they were not.

He said that he hadn’t tried to use his father’s position as the number one citizen to sidestep his own legal troubles as the director of a tobacco company that was bust for tax evasions in 2013. He claimed his father was more likely to help other people than members of his own family as “that’s his motto, and his belief”.

This despite the fact that the Sunday paper examined how the Zuma name may have benefited a number of Zuma’s 20-plus children, particularly twins Duduzane and Duduzile. The former may have become a billionaire through his association with the Gupta family, while Zuma’s nephew Khulubise reportedly holds two oilfields in the DRC “worth R100 billion, secured with his uncle’s help”.

For Edward, the reason the Zumas get so much bad publicity is simple. He was reported as saying: “Can South Africans be open to the truth that if we close our eyes, we will lose this country again to white monopoly capital? The real people that have stolen money from this country are the people that are persecuting us.”