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19 Oct 2016
4:25 pm

Law student Mcebo Dlamini ‘destroys’ the law – Zille

Citizen reporter

The former DA leader says there are 'too many ironies and tragedies' in the whole issue of the detained student's bursary.

Helen Zille. Picture: Morapedi Mashashe

Western Cape premier Helen Zille has joined the fray, adding her voice to those questioning the Gauteng government on the reasons it funded controversial student leader Mcebo Dlamini.

“What? Gauteng Province paying for a Masters student in LAW to destroy the rule of law and Wits University. Too many ironies and tragedies,” wrote Zille on Twitter.

The tweet by the former DA leader led to a series of responses from people who follow her, with Grant Sobotker ‏@LEFT_arm_over, asking “‘Rule of Law’.The right of powerful people to have poor black people shot? Zille is basically Trump.”

Zille responded: “@LEFT_arm_over @EmilevanRooyen2 What total nonsense. It is the right to protest without violating the rights of others.” Then Sobotker lashed out at Zille, responding: “every time you refer to education as a right you are essentially saying that rights, and dignity by extension must be bought.”

Zille is hardly the first to express the idea that there’s something wrong with Dlamini being funded by government. Former vice-chancellor and rector of the University of the Free State (UFS) Professor Jonathan Jansen wrote earlier on Twitter that Dlamini’s government sponsored bursary was “disgraceful”.

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The ANC Youth League, said, despite Dlamini being “a member in good standing”, that the outspoken student leader should face the music for allegedly involving himself in criminal activities. The league’s spokesperson said “the protest for free education will not stop just because Mcebo is arrested”, and that “our law and the judiciary must be respected. We cannot allow individuals to engage in criminal activities.”

However, the embattled student leader also received widespread support from members of the public on Twitter and, in particular, EFF national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi. Ndlozi showed support to Dlamini in an array of tweets.

“Mcebo Dlamini is all of us, & we are all Mcebo Dlamini. Anyone who dares to speak the truth is harassed using state institutions!” said Ndlozi on Twitter.